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We Made This

We Made This

Scott Kurtz, Mike Krahulik, and Jerry Holkins have been making all kinds of things for a very long time.  For example, Jerry Holkins wrote this paragraph.  Indeed, he is writing it at this very moment.

Collectively, they have been making webcomics before the term “webcomic” had been coined.  For example, Mr. Kurtz (represented above by the imaginary blue troll) started Player Vs. Player in 1997, and the URL has the word “online” in it, so that you would know it was on the web.  I really can’t stress enough how different things were.

When their strip “Penny Arcade” debuted in 1998, Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins felt certain they had created the “webcomic” as a medium.  They would soon learn that a bunch of people were doing it already, and they did not like those people.  Then, they liked some of them.  After they fought seriously again one more time, Mike, Jerry, and Scott decided that being friends was considerably less work.  Maybe they’d even work on something together, someday.

And then they did.

Read Penny Arcade - www.penny-arcade.com
Read PvP - www.pvponline.com

Ty Halley and Monica Ray

About the Artist

Ty Halley is a ghost with an extensive resume in convincing mortals he is alive. He runs his own webcomic, Journal Comic, was a contestant on PA's Strip Search, and does a secret third thing that if you knew would give you power over him. If you want to contact Ty for flash animations or writing, be sure to include pictures of burning sage so it'll go through his ghost-spam filters.

You might know her from the Penny Arcade webseries "Strip Search" or perhaps from her webcomic "Phuzzy Comics" that's been running since 2007. But even if you didn't know her until now, none of that matters. Now you can know her as the fancy cartoon artist on "The Trenches" since late 2013. You may also continue knowing her as that other stuff I mentioned before. She's more than capable of being multiple things at once. That's just the Monica Ray style.