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Tales from the Trenches

3rd Place Gets the Gold

After giving 2 years of my life to a certain “fruit” computer company, not only did one promotion open up in the department I wanted to get into, but two! Having the best sales record, best customer satisfaction score, and experience already training for the position, everybody thought one of the openings would be mine. People in the department were already congratulating me, planning on integrating me in as soon as possible.

So when the manager summoned me to his office, coworkers were literally giving me high fives on the way in. The manager started off by listing all of the accomplishments and great service I’ve given to the place. He shook my hand and said “thank you”.

Then he said I didn’t get the job.

Neither did the second most qualified person apparently. “If we lose you both, then your department will lose our two best employees!” he cheerfully stated. The job was going to the 3rd and 4th best people.

I followed up by asking why I should be motivated to work hard if all I have to be is 3rd best. His response? “Because we know that you’ll still continue to do a kick ass job for us.”

So I quit the next day. I ended up having a beer with the 2nd best guy a few months later. He ended up just not giving a shit anymore and his numbers plummeted.

But nothing made me happier to hear that the 2 guys who were promoted were so bad for the job, they royally screwed up the entire department enough to get the manager demoted and transferred to the worst store in the district.