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Tales from the Trenches

That Guy

This guy…

...had a problem

I’ve worked in the game industry for a long time, and have been on both sides of this coin: As the tester who was trying to use the bug database to backseat game-design and as the designer who had to deal with over-zealous QA-guy trying to work me like a puppet through bug assignment.

I understand how helpless and frustrating it can be in QA, especially when you have higher ambitions in game development. Bug assignment seems like your only lever you have to influence things.

But listen: You have to respect the boundaries and responsibilities of your co-workers. Their are better ways to have an open dialogue with them, and the New Bug button isn’t it.

A good tester is always more than his bug count. Plus, you’re not being paid to design or fact-check the source material, you’re being paid to find software problems. Speaking from experience of working on licensed titles, the guys at Wizards probably have their own approval processes to safeguard D&D from lore contradictions. Your time as a tester is most certainly better spent elsewhere.

I vividly remember playing the buggy mess that was Neverwinter Nights 2 when it came out (the title That Guy claims to have worked on). Perhaps if our friend invested his time less on source material problems and more on that bugs that actually negatively impact the customers…

Well, perhaps a stronger, less-buggy game would have been delivered to gamers.