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Tales from the Trenches

Friends, not food.

Like so many others, I rolled into QA straight out of university.

Beady-eyed and suitably impressed to be working in the video game industry, I showed up fifteen minutes early on my first day. I thought that’d be a good way to settle in and talk to some people before starting the day.

I am shown my/our office (there were six of us working on a fairly well-known mobile iOS game). The room’s a bit cramped. As in, our monitors almost overlap because they’re so close to each other.

The real kicker, though? The wall opposite the door was decorated with an enormous poster of Finding Nemo. The three sharks are looming ominously over Marlin and Dory. Written in sharpie over the poster: “QA are friends, not food!”

I laughed when I saw it and thought it showed camaraderie between us and the devs. Yeah.