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Good News Is They Really Like You

This was way back before I even broke into the industry full-time, but I still had enough of a resume to get callbacks.

Over the course of a few weeks, I’d been interviewing with a small local developer. They didn’t do anything famous, just the usual licensed or second-tier games that can keep a little company going. But it was an entry-level position and it’d look good on my resume, but most of all, I’d finally fulfill my dream of working in the exciting world of the game industry. (God, how stupid I was).

I did the first interview with HR and it went well.

I did the second interview with my potential lead and it went well.

I did the final interview with just about everyone in the company and
it went well.

I get home from my retail job to a voicemail from HR that they really liked me and wanted to talk specifics about compensation. Here we go! This was my shot! The call was time-stamped for 10:30am and I called back at 3:00 pm.

The HR girl answered with the background sounds of activity, as if people were boxing up to move. She told me in a strained but pleasant voice that the company really liked me and they were just getting ready to make me an offer, but unfortunately as it turned out the company was a front for organized crime and the FBI was there RIGHT then and she had to go.

And that’s not even my worst story from the industry.