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Next Gen Pants

While working on a title for a large publisher, we frequently had meetings with their “creative” producers to ensure the quality of our game’s appearance.  Most of these meetings resulted in overhauling the look of the game to be more in line with every other generic Gears of War clone type games, slowly bleeding the flavor out of what we’d been creating.

After spending roughly 3 months redesigning the main character 4 times (from concept, to full execution in 3D) we finally managed to get a design to stick with the upper management.  Everyone seemed happy and we’d moved on.  Then, during a production meeting there was a lull in the conversation and one of the producers started staring at the TV screen where our game was sitting idle, main character standing facing forward.  The following conversation is burned into my head:

Publisher:  “Hey, has anyone noticed his ass pockets are kinda big?”
Dev Team:  “No, they look fine to us.”
Publisher:  “They’re too big.  It doesn’t look right.  It’s too big. Big ass pockets are last gen, can you make them smaller?  How hard is that?  We need next gen pants.”

Dream job.