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100 Percent

I once was tasked to a last minute helper job at a large media production house which produced (later all failed) flash based MMOG products.

Because of a fallout with an important contractor, every single media asset had to be checked by a human to visually match a printed catalog of assets. If we found a match, we had to move it to a different folder and copy a black and white checkered placeholder image for it with the same filename. It was mind numbing how large the asset count was.

After long shifts wading manually through a small forest’s worth of printouts, we were called into a room. After 9 days without much sleep we were told that we now had to check if the games will still run “somehow” without

those missing assets and if they are still “marketable.”

Every game we started, we only saw an ocean of black and white checkered patterns stacked each over. It turned out that this outsourcing company had made 100% of the assets.