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It’s Not (Always) Our Fault

I worked QA on a AAA title for a year, my contract expiring shortly after the game shipped. Upon the game’s release, the official forums were alive with people complaining about bugs and technical issues. A common phrase was, “Didn’t they QA this game?”

What the average gamer doesn’t understand is that a bug isn’t necessarily in a game because a tester couldn’t find it. Chances are, if you were able to find a bug, QA found it first. That’s their job. But once QA files a bug, it’s not magically fixed. Someone—a designer, or artist, or programmer, or whoever—has to look at that bug and find a way to fix it without breaking anything else in the process.

We, as QA, file every bug we find, period. If a bug can’t be fixed due to time restraints, technical limitations, design choices, laziness or stupidity, it’s out of our hands.

So cut us some slack. We have enough problems to deal with as it is.