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I had no working experience and was an IT university dropout. Literally begging for work at the job center got me a contract with a temporary employment agency, and I was promptly allocated to software and IT environment testing.

In the first month, we assembled a team of five people without a clue, got a vague assignment for a flash game, close to no resources, and an ever-absent boss who dropped us a mail once a week.

I got my first paycheck, except it wasn’t a real paycheck but instead “unemployment benefits” with another name to it, even signed by the job center. I began to inquire the job center about this “job” I had and got nothing but legal threats.

After another 2 months, we somehow got a crappy little game done - which was never released.

We were used by a bogus company to rake in funding by the state. It’s like a full blown industry here to pass around jobless people and keep them from getting real jobs. On top of that, the job center forced us to shut up under threat of prosecution (false testimony) and continue “working” a full 12 months in that joke of a company.

You may argue now that at least I had a job and wasn’t camping under a bridge…