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A Real Go Getter.

I was hired on by a company that is famous for it sports games. I was excited because fresh out of school (a school that offered art & game design) I was able to get a job in the industry that I loved so much. I tackled my game testing position with great zeal.

I was finding many bugs and felt overall very productive.This went on for a few months. My superiors called me into the office one day “We like your enthusiasm and you have an excellent bug count, we would like to move you to another game to help finish up a title that needs some work before we launch in couple months.”. I thought to myself “cool my work here is appreciated”, so I agreed and in the next couple of days I moved to the new title and started my work with a new found excitement.

After a couple of weeks of testing the online portion of the game I had come to realize that 90% of the bug had been found and cataloged, even then I found some bugs and felt I was being helpful.

One day I get called into the office and was asked ” We noticed that your bug counts have been low lately would you care to elaborate?”, I responded ” Well I have found some bugs, but you brought me in late into this games cycle and obviously there won’t be as many bugs for me to find. I will try to crank up my bug count for for you.” Then my bosses said ” Keep up the good work, we like your enthusiasm.” and sent me on my way.

The next day I get called in again ” Your bug count is not up to our standards, I’m sorry we are going to have to let you go”.

One word of advice, beware of platitudes.