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Addiction starts… now.

I joined a testing team for an MMO as it neared completion. It was crunch time, and I joined the already-large QA team with high hopes. I really liked the companies previous works, and this MMO was an exciting prospect.

They wanted me to play the game as if I were a normal player. Going through the game with a character, doing quests as I came to them, just like any normal person would do if they were playing the game for the first time and not purposefully looking for bugs.

The team that I was hired with also had to do so. We had a blast. The long work hours weren’t an issue. As we were literally getting payed to have fun in this MMO. We would party up together, run quests, and even stand around chatting occasionally in one of the games main towns (much to the dislike of the higher-ups) to save having to do so away from our desks.

It was here that the problem started, I was having too much fun. As the testing came to an end and we were no longer needed, I felt depressed, deprived. I had become addicted to the game. I occasionally sent e-mails to my ex-bosses asking if there was any chance i would be needed to do anything in the last month before release. Sadly there wasn’t. I had to wait like every customer for this game to be released.

It got released. I was first in line at midnight at my local Target.

My pre-order receipt clenched in hand.

I’ve been playing ever since.