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Best Patch Ever

I was working as a QA Tester at a large publisher a while back. During testing of a particular sports title, the team I was on was tasked with testing a patch coming out for the game after it had already gone live. The patch was suppose to address minor issues and online connectivity problems, no big deal.

So my team goes to test and see if the online issues have been resolved and begin hosting games with testers in another studio. After the first match, one of my fellow tester’s consoles started to act odd and upon examining it, it showed no saved data anymore or profiles. It was odd, but we decided to continue testing, he remade a profile, and connected to a person at the other studio then one of us here and so on.

Every person he connected to had the exact same issue he had, their console’s saved data and profile information was getting erased. He even transferred this issue to the other studio who spread it among themselves when instead of remaking profiles just swapped it out with one from another project. Soon the whole building was filled with Project Managers screaming for everyone to stop connecting, emails with subjects in full caps were coming in asking what we did. Somehow his console took the patch and turned it into a monster bug that devoured all of your data before moving to another console. No other console that didn’t connect with his ever had this problem. The bug was eventually fixed, but I’m still wary of patching on the first day now.