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Can you bend the log?

Games change over the course of development. They add things. They tweak things.

They mostly cut things.

Time. Space. Regulations about religious symbols. They don’t always say why either. And often times it’s hard to keep up with all the content that’s been cut.

I was assigned a Test Plan for a game that had a lot of content cut. The test plan told me where to go and how to play the game, and I had to follow it precisely for testing purposes.

“Go to point A, collect power up B. Confirm power up B is in Inventory…. ” You get the idea.

Being an automated form, I had to answer every direction and check with a response, even about content that was cut in the levels still in the game.

One of the first levels involved building a saw to cut up a Log blocking your way. By the time I had worked on it, the log had ceased to exist for 4 months. Half the questions on the level involved this Log.

“Get on top of the log.” “Cut Log with saw” “Find power-up beneath Log.”

I had to go through this level over and over to test it according to the plan, and every single time I had to give the same response. I gave it so many times that I put it into a wordpad file and copy & pasted the response.

“There is no Log…”

It got old fast, but this was my job the whole day…

“There is no Log…”

“There is no Log….”

“There is no Log….”