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Climbing that ladder right off the edge…

I recently moved and obtained a job working for a HR group that ran the some of the testing for a very large company. You started out at this company as what they called an “on call” tester.  Meaning they would call or email you, sign you up for shifts, and you would do them.

Needless to say this did not always work out correctly. They usually overbooked, causing an alarming number of people to lumber out of their beds for a 7:30 AM shift only to be turned away.

This created a problem financially for myself.

Most people got shuttered into the “on call” corral for years before being offered a position on the permanent testing team. I worked three shifts as an on call tester before they offered me a permanent position.  I have no idea why, nor did anybody else for that matter.

I gratefully accepted the position, which was promised to provide me with, at a minimum, 20 hours of work a week, hoping for something a little more stable to pay the bills. After working three shifts in the permanent department, they stopped signing me up, and the testing staff dwindled to about 3 people working a week…after three weeks of that, they called and said that I was being laid off because they had hired too many people.

A week later they called and offered me a test lead position. I declined. I don’t think I will be working with this company anymore.