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Do everything, get nothing done.

I was on a big name sports project. Everything was going well, and I steadily bumped my hours from 21 to 40 during my first 6 months.

I got more and more leadership roles, then one day nearing beta they announced a special demo mode for previous game owners, I had already had leadership in one area of the game, so they gave me leadership over the new demo mode as well! I had be in contact with QA in another state where the game was being developed while still being in charge of another part of the game. I’m a lowly contractor, but hey the job was kind of easy.

As we kept nearing beta, i eventually hit a week where I did not submit any bugs. I had been running back and forth giving new builds out, checking old bugs out to make sure they were fixed, and if not, I’d have to download a new build and check it on there, then submit a bug SPECIFIC for just that build if it was on there.

After a while I realized I was staying extremely busy but nothing was ACTUALLY getting done… So fast forward a few months, the beta’s done and getting ready to get certified. People are getting moved off the project and you know what us leads do? Play games, browse the net, and go around the building… me included.

Then I got moved to an extremely easy project. I love being in QA. It’s so good.