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Guaranteed Fail?

I was working on a short contract for a children-focused game that was coming out on most major consoles. One of the juggling acts the company has to… juggle when making a game across multiple platforms to make sure they finish at roughly the same time so they go on sale simultaneously. One thing preventing this are the hardware manufacturers who each have their own unique set of rules and regulations all games must adhere to before they will be approved: the dreaded TCRs.

Nintendo is historically a harsh master, with a reputation for having a very high standard before they’ll approve your game (remember the ‘Nintendo Seal of Quality’?). I was told at the time that Nintendo will always fail your first submission no matter how much care you take in respecting their TCRs; they’ll find something you missed, or find some other bugs and just fail you on those regardless of how bad they are.

So it made sense for us to prepare the Wii build a little earlier than the others, to test for and fix only the most glaring issues, and send that build in so we could get that first doomed submission over with and have some guaranteed time to fix everything else in the Wii version for the second submission roughly a month later.

Nintendo passed the game on first submission.

It was decided to not submit a second time.