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He’d Got Home Before He Realised They Weren’t Really There

(I was just catching up on The Trenches when I thought of this story. Then I got to the strip entitled Phantasm. You guys do realise what you’re writing isn’t actually fiction?)

The first game that I worked on culminated in a 36 hour day for myself and the other tester working on it. I was trying to track down a repeatable method for our last, show stopping crash bug. I seem to remember his duty for most of the night, and following day, was sitting next to one of the coders to nudge him should he fall asleep.

It was hell, but eventually we found it, fixed it, shipped it and were sent home. We were even given the next day off!

In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have driven that evening. I remember getting in my car and starting the engine. I remember waking up in my car and finding I was parked on the street outside my house.

I have no recollection of anything in between.

All things considered, I fared better than the other guy. He reported seeing cartoon rabbits in the road. Actual, cartoon fucking rabbits.

Wearing waistcoats.

He had to stop his car to let them get out of the way.