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I am that Guy

I am the “truly insufferable co-worker” from this post:


The title was Neverwinter Nights 2. The licensed property was Dungeons and Dragons.

The original poster’s portrayal of me is a little misguided: I never cared about my bug count.  I’ve been a D&D geek for sometime, and I owned all the books…and yes, even brought them to work. I’d been a weekly GM for years, and loved the Forgotten Realms universe and story.

However, I never cared about my bug count.  I didn’t care how many bugs I submitted.  All I cared about was how good a game we made.  I loved Dungeons and Dragons so much, I wanted the game to be perfect.

As a QA Tester, bugs were the only voice I had: I tried to use that voice to make the game better.

If the poster had ever talked to me, he’d have known how passionate about the game I was. If being passionate about Dungeons and Dragons is a crime, color me guilty and proud of it.

He only saw my bug count as a chore I inflicted…I saw them as the only way I could help him develop the game.