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I suppose Flash was in his job description.

Recently I was brought on as an independent contractor to help test a flash game as it was prepping for launch. They wanted me to test all the animations and tweak them where needed. That’s what I do best. I’m an animator.

So I was going through run cycles, jumps, crawls, rolls, kicks, punches…. (You name it, the characters did it.) when I came across a folder simply called ‘wank’. Me being me, I wanted to know what was in it. They had told me beforehand that the guy who had done all the cycles had done a lot of animations they didn’t think were appropriate for the game. I thought this might be one of them, so I, naturally, doubleclicked the folder. Inside were about 10 flash files, so I opened the first one and to have a flash video of the animator pop up. He talked for a bit then pointed the camera down to show that he was wanking off over whatever it was on the screen.

I thought this was some sort of joke and told the guy in charge. Turns out the animator had been using the spare time he had to look at porn sites and do live chats with girls.