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I’m not Schumacher

I’m a Motorsport fan. There’s no denying that. Formula 1, Le mans, touring cars, the lot.

Anyway. There came an opportunity to test a big name racing game, so I leapt at the chance. Why not? I love racing games, I love watching racing; it seemed perfect. I applied and got employed, yay!

Each of us working there was assigned one track and one car each (there were a lot of us), two cars if we were ‘lucky’.

It took 2 months to comprehensibly cover every square pixel of Silverstone. every camber, every barrier at every speed we could. Six years on, I still dream about it. I can’t watch the British Gran Prix anymore. One of my deepest passions ruined. I had to move because I used to live 20 miles away from the track.

It hurt. It hurt bad.