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Just to impress a boy!

I was directed to this site by someone after telling them this story, and wow. I’m SO glad this archive exists.

In mid-2011 I applied for a localization testing position in Birmingham, UK. I have 2 years of translation experience and plenty of good references, so I knew my chances were good (I want to be part of the industry and I don’t care which end I get in). I sent in my CV and received an email back on the same day with a date and time for a phone interview. I was through the roof, you have no idea how long I had been trying to get into the industry. So the date of the interview arrived and my phone rang. A nice lady talked to me first to confirm my identity. Then she passed the phone to a gentleman who would be doing the interview proper.

He asked me some questions regarding my previous translation job. I filled him in. Then he asked me why I wanted the job, I said I wanted to get into the gaming industry. There was this really awkward pause.
I started to panic and was about to tell him about my mod work for various games, involvement in communities, etc, when he cut me off and the following exchange happened:

Interviewer: Look, madam, I will be frank with you, I don’t actually believe you want this job.
Me: (very stunned) No?
Interviewer: No, I don’t believe your interest in the gaming industry is genuine as a woman.
Me: ...No?
Interviewer: I regret to let you go since your experience is good, but I get the impression you are trying to impress someone.
Me: ...I am?
Interviewer: A boy, perhaps? It was great interviewing you, and I wish you best of luck in the future.
Me: (too stunned to defend myself) Thank you sir, you too!

I didn’t even tell my husband until months later. In retrospect I should have sued his ass. The only good that came of this experience was that it helped me make the decision to apply for a degree in literature and video game writing, which I am starting in the next few weeks.

If the scumbag who interviewed me ever reads this, I just want to tell you that you are part of the reason this industry is in the middle ages as far as gender equality is concerned and I hope you burn in hell. <33