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I managed to land a job as a tester for a rather small cell phone game company. The leads and owner assured me that they always hired up their testers for other positions when they needed to expand their team.

I started, and after 2 months, had still not been paid. There was always some reason for what was going on. The check from the publisher was late. The bank was holding the funds. My paperwork was wrong or lost.

Then one morning, the owner of the company came into the office and congratulated me. We’re going to make you a junior programmer! He then gave me directions and an address to a different building entirely and asked me to show up there tomorrow. I was a bit shocked. Not only did I know NOTHING about programming, but I couldn’t believe they had two offices.

They didn’t. The second office was fake. It had random computers and monitors set up on desks, so we could pretend to work. It was there so the owner could bring through investors and show them his “programming team” which was nothing but students and testers.

I quit that day and I never did get paid.