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Love you brother, mean it.

I don’t work in the games industry, nor am I a ‘tester’.  However, my brother is an award winning developer of non-game software.  Why am I writing, because he showed the dev vs. tester problem.  He is the dev manager on software used by large customers to control a vital business process - which I will not name.  He liked to have events at his house that he invited both family and coworkers.  He and his co-workers liked to sit around and bitch about testers and joke about how much fun it was to fire them.  Big bullies.

One Monday, before one of those parties, my boss told me I needed to implement this new system, which was the software my brother writes. Small world.

The piece of shit was so buggy it was ridiculous.  The support staff of the vendor was crap because they couldn’t get anything fixed on their side.  Event rolls around and I overheard my brother and his coworkers joking about the testers they bully, mentioning this stupid idiot that listed a bug that didn’t exist.  It was the bug we were having problems with.

I walked up and opened with, ‘Hey motherfuckers, don’t you guys test? We are production down with that fucking bug.  If you listen to that tester, we wouldn’t be in the mess you’re in.  You’re all assholes that need to be fired.’

Love you brother, mean it.

Devs take it out on testers. Customers take it out on support.