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I started my new job as a video game tester with a burning desire to advance. I was passionate, dedicated, and clever. I found bugs deep in the core tech, I exploited systems in new, awesome ways, and pulled over 2500 hours of overtime in 10 months. I lived and died by our project.

Periodically I asked for feedback from my lead, who always replied with “if you were doing something wrong, I’d tell you.” I heard the same from my supervisor and the head of the department. My six month review date came and went without hearing anything, and when I asked I was told they were running a little behind and to wait a week, then ask again. So I did. I was told to ask again in a month, so I did. I was starting to get nervous/frustrated when I was told my review was all done and they were just waiting on “corporate” to approve it… which was the case for promotions and raises.

My 9 month review date came and went without hearing anything else. Then, a year. I had been told now to *stop* asking about my review. All I got was the line about “if you were doing something wrong, we’d
tell you.”

My 1-year anniversary passes. Flash forward, and my 18-month milestone passes. My original review is over a year late now. I was told “corporate” had finally signed off, but now there was another year of service to evaluate, so the review had to be rewritten, BUT, I was told raises (of which now I was looking at two) were retroactive, so hang in there.

Finally, my boss brings me into his office at the ~22 month mark.

He tells me I’m being laid off in 60 days.

Flash forward to my final day. My lead finally takes me in for my 6 month review, which had become a year review, then finally, an exit interview. Only then, at the very end, did I learn about their laundry list of completely fixable complaints they had about the way I worked, for almost two years, and how their concerns had culminated in their decision to let me go.

I asked why they hadn’t been telling me these things during my repeated requests for feedback. My supervisor simply shrugged.

I lost my dream job, because….*shrug*