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Must be an indie game.

I worked for a major PC manufacturer, testing games and media applications on the top tier desktop and portable PCs.

I was given a stack of games to test on the new gaming PC, which was designed to rival AlienWare’s products.

One of the games worked fine at normal settings, but if you cranked it up (which the PC should have been able to handle) it would hard lock the box.

I reproduced it for the developer and his initial response was, “Well, most people probably play at the default settings anyway.”

“Not when they pay a couple of grand for a gaming PC,” I insisted.

This kind of argument went back and forth for a while, before he saw a different way out.

“I doubt anyone will see this. It’s just one game, and I’ve never heard of it before. Maybe not many people will play it.”

The game in question was the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

Thankfully, marketing heard about the issue and declared we could not launch the product without full support for Oblivion. Not sure what happened to the developer after that, but I didn’t see him working on the gaming side anymore.