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No.. wait… go back over there… dammit.

After being part of the mobile test team for a year, my hard work paid off and I was assigned to test a REAL game for our Japanese parent company. I was excited to dig in since the game was part of a franchise I loved, and after doing a fair bit of research on the title, I arrived at work bright and early, ready to test.

I entered the room I was assigned to and closed the door behind me, eager to play, but when I turned around I found nothing but a TV and a DVD player. No PC. No Console. No controllers. No nothing.

It turned out the parent company wasn’t exactly thrilled with the idea of passing around playable builds, so their level of paranoia had reached new heights. For the next few weeks, I was to “test” this game … by watching pre-recorded footage of the developer playing the game.

Not awesome!