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Not All Bad

After college I was looking for a job… any job, really. I was lucky enough that “any job” for me turned out to be QA testing for a large game company. After putting in about half a year, I got promoted to a team in charge of a specific type of testing. Over the next 18 months, people either left the team or were laid off, and I found myself running the show.

People noticed that I was doing a good job running the tests by myself, and someone suggested that I apply for a producer position within the company. I applied, got the job, and have been having a blast in my
new role ever since.

I’ve been in the trenches, have friends in the trenches, and I know what they can be like. But I’ve also seen people find amazing opportunities—sometimes in production, development, or even senior positions in QA—on the other side of no man’s land.