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One Item rules it all

Recently, Its been my task to acquire all available items in the game.

At first, it was not all bad… Until they released an update.

This particular update was not really pleasant because there was one item that can only be obtained by chance in a lottery game.

Easy, right? Nah.

With my sanity still intact, I asked the dev what are the chances of getting it and they said “oh, about 0.18%”.

With a bad poker face I said “Okay.”

Throughout the rest of the shift like a maniac, going back and forth through the lottery tapping away with all the energy I can muster up just to obtain one item and still no luck.

Finally my boss, who’d been watching my ordeal, understood my position and told me that its alright if I can’t get it since we were on a one day build.

I consider myself lucky that I wasn’t stuck with the other team who had to get all 1000+ items which are all randomly generated all in one day.