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One of “Those” People

So I recently decided to give online dating a try due to my increasing lack of free time.  I made up a profile and everything.  The profile included what I did for a living. (Software QA)  I’ve worked in QA for almost ten years with the majority of my experience being in game test and test case documentation.

So I have a first date with this one girl who seems really cool.

She’s pretty, into video games, a fellow homeowner, and she has a good sense of humor.  The date is going well, we’re talking, laughing, and she seems to be into me.  At one point I start talking about the game
I’m currently working on and she seems surprised.  She suddenly gets quiet, stops really responding to my attempts at conversation, and just seems uncomfortable all around.

Me:  “Hey, is everything alright?  Seems like something is bothering you?”
Her:  “Well your profile said you worked in software, I didn’t realize you were a game tester.”
Me (Surprised):  “Is there something wrong with that?  I thought you enjoyed video games.”
Her:  “Well, I’ve dated game testers before and I don’t think I could be with another one.”
Me:  “Oh I see, you’re one of those people.”
Her (Angry and Annoyed):  “What do you mean, “those” people?
Me:  “Well, I mean people who like to categorize others but don’t like it when it’s done to them.”

Needless to say the rest of the date didn’t go so well and we never saw each other again.