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Promoted due to incompetence

First off, I’m an artist not a member of a QA team.

I worked for this one company in England (Cambridge to be exact), and one member of the QA team would always add art critiques as bugs, offering their opinion. This normally would be frowned upon, but it was known to be a direct order from the owner of the company to this tester.

Now this went on for about a month during which time the art director wasn’t on speaking terms with the owner… yeah I know. So everyone thought that these “bugs” were legit.

Then one day (shortly before our big E3 playable) we received this bug:

“(insert name here) feels flags need to be blue not red and should have this logo in it’s place. please revise.”

This took us some time to change and push to the new build, because there were a LOT of flags. Well the owner lost it. He couldn’t believe the art director made such a sweeping change without his consent, blah, blah, blah. Until I pointed out the “bug” and a whole string of other “bugs.”

So of course instead of dealing with the problem in a logical manner, the QA person was moved onto the design team.