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Squashing Bugs

Back in the mid-nineties, when I got my testing legs at a fairly large publisher (that had just started to peak), a bunch of us were testing late, pumped up on Coke and Starbursts. It was so late, in fact, that it had turned to morning, and the sun was peaking in through the windows. Apparently, one of the windows was open a crack, because a giant wasp (you know, the kind that has its abdomen separated by about an inch from its head part) had somehow infiltrated the QA area and was terrorizing us.

After a few over-caffeinated and unsuccessful attempts at swatting it in mid-air (which only served to piss it off even more), someone finally managed to hit it and stun it long enough that it fell to the ground, at which point a buddy of mine quickly squashed it. Another tester, clearly still in shock from the whole experience, asked, “What kind of bug was that?” My buddy who stepped on the wasp said, “A once bug.”