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Stop ordering me around!

My first project as a QA tester was on this big game, one that everyone’s heard of.

Now, normally, you get the usual horror stories. Long hours, dull repetitive work, developers who consider any feedback to be a slap in the face. Well, there was all that. But I had a particular, unique horror.

You see, by sheer coincidence, my last name happened to match one of the Player Characters. Okay, ha ha, amusing anecdo-

Oh, wait, that’s the only name he’s called. In the whole game.

Oh, and the person giving the orders? He’s a VERY well known actor.

I was on that game for nine months in total. I was the person who, nine times out of ten, was asked (read: told) to do the campaign sprint with each new build. Where I was being ordered, by name, to get to the objective NOW DAMN IT WE DON’T HAVE TIME TO STOP!

Throw in some sleep deprivation, and you have a wonderful mix of complete madness.

...I got better.