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Testing a non-game

I was a linguistic QA tester for 2 years, testing localized versions of games from triple A to shovelware. Long hours, bad pay, but on the whole it was a blast.

There was this one project, though, that will take quite a lot of therapy to forget. Coming into the office in the morning, looking at the faces of the team, you’d know if it was back again and you’d be in for a long day.

It was one of those ‘take care of a cute small animal’ games, featuring a panda.  It started out with a big logo of a nature organization, but that disappeared after a few builds. Probably someone at the organization saw the product and decided wisely to drop it like a brick.

Apparently, you could make the panda do tricks, but you were lucky if after an hour of coaxing it, it would simply fall over.

I remember one of the bugs I wrote:
1) Start game
2) Bring panda to main location
3) Wait for [random thing] to happen, this might take up to 30 minutes.
4) There is a spelling error in the message that gets triggered.

When the developer asked for our feedback about the project, all we could say was: this is not a game.

I don’t think it ever got released.