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As a UK development studio working with a US-based publisher, we were vaguely aware of Thanksgiving. To us, it was that Thursday in November where, for love nor money, you could not get an answer from anyone on the other end of the line. On the plus side, the steady stream of bug reports and feature requests also dried up, so we’d get a chance to catch up a bit.

One particular November, the publisher was leaning on us pretty heavily to get a console port done, and we were putting in some serious hours to work out the bugs. Thanksgiving arrives and the silence is deafening, as all Thanksgivings are, but at least we can get on with the work without international interruptions. Work continues pretty much around the clock throughout the weekend.

The following Monday afternoon, I’m busy uploading release candidate version #34 to the US test department when the producer walks in. I start telling him how I’m optimistic about this version and - touch wood - this could be it. He interrupts me:

“I wouldn’t bother sending that version. I just got off the phone to the publisher, and apparently they got release approval for version #32 last week. It’s gone out to stores. They forgot to tell us.”