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The Final Countdown

I used to work at a small gaming company that went through some pretty rough times and involved the never ending work late grind that seems all too common in the industry.

After a whole intense year of ‘just one more week’ till launch 60-80 hour weeks, we were finally treated to an office Christmas party.

Of the whole team, many people had worked very hard to improve a struggling, dismal company in the face of an extremely poor management team, headed by a really unpopular managing director.

In spite of this, everyone loved working together and we were really proud of the project.

At the Christmas party it was announced by management that they would be rewarding the employer of the year with a great prize.

Everyone gathers around the announcement from the CMO.

He announces that the winner is a great leader, showed amazing insight and added the most value to all departments of the company. He then proceeds to (no shit) play ‘The Final Countdown’ while announcing that the winner is the managing director (they even made a trophy, a t-shirt and a gift basket of prizes).

Needless to say, after that about 20 people in the business handed over their resignations, myself included.