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The Futile Struggle

For all the talk of horror stories and general idiocy within the trenches,  there is one side that has yet to be spoken of: that of the people wanting to get in but are made unable.

Imagine, if you will, a student. A college student. A college student who spends 7 years in a terrible state economy attending school to learn how to make games. A college student who goes through 7 years without being told of any internships that might help give him a better chance of getting into his dream job. A college student who learns how to make games and has the time of his life for 7 years.

A college graduate who finds himself unable to get a job making games because he doesn’t have any professional experience. A college graduate unable to get a job outside of the industry because he is too damn specialized and is thus lacking in other areas. A college graduate who can’t even make his own game on his spare time because he doesn’t have an actual income to sustain him. A college graduate still fighting after 1 1/2 years to get into some kind of work, but still being denied.

People may tell you it’s not worth it. People may tell you it is a struggle inside of the trenches. People may tell you that you will go through hell making games.

People don’t tell you that you will go through hell just to get a job for support in a piss-poor economy.

It is a struggle that, at first glance, seems completely futile… But if you are truly passionate, then the futile struggle won’t end until you make it. How you get there is all up to you.