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The Game Is You

I tested at a company in their 3rd Party Team, which meant we tested any game for the PS3 that wasn’t developed by company itself, i.e. everything. We basically tested two new games everyday, which was pretty cool, because it never became tedious.

Same couldn’t be said about 2nd Party Team, who tested all PS3 media that weren’t games, i.e. music, videos, etc. For about two months, 2nd party had to test an external webcam, which meant they had to sit in front of it and watch the feed of themselves on a TV off to the side to check for hangups.

One top of that they COULDN’T DO ANYTHING. They couldn’t surf the net, they couldn’t play any portable games, they couldn’t even read a book. All they could do is sit there, talk to each other, and watch a fucking feed of themselves sitting there FOR 2 MONTHS STRAIGHT.

When they were put on another project, one guy literally had to go into the bathroom and cry in utter relief of it all.