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Too good to be true

I used to work as a QA member for one well-known video game company, famous for their huge number of shovelware subsidiaries in all parts of the world where labor is cheap and government is generous. We were at some point 14 people, testing this very short text adventure game on a cell phone. Of course, we ran out of work quite fast. Our superior, a guy from Mexico having a hard time speaking French (the main language around), English or even Spanish according to one of my colleague who was natively speaking Spanish, told us that we could play the Xbox 360 we had in some room.

Most of were pleased to be paid to actually have fun while playing games, so we did as we were told and enjoyed some gaming time. Later during the day, we were called for our weekly meeting with everybody from the QA team, our team leader and the top manager. When it was the turn of our superior to speak, he told us that we should never play Xbox 360 games during working hours.

Everybody was staring at him, speechless. My answer was something like “But you are the one who told us we could play since we were out of work, you %$&* retard!” His answer was “Yes, but it’s not a good idea.” The top manager, not caring at all, changed the topic. I wasn’t fired until 3 years later, when the money they got from the government ran out.