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We Don’t Like That Color

Five days before a major project was set to go live I finally received a list of what was needed (that had been requested for a month). I created a mock-up and presented it to the people who needed to sign off on it, who gave me the good to go.

I was then informed that they would not be able to give me a specific list of requests because they didn’t know what they were actually going to use until the day of. Which meant I had to create and render out the entire list, 88 animated elements. Which I did, spending the better part of three days living at work to do so.

The day before they were set to go live one of the higher ups comes to look at them and decides “You know, I don’t actually like that font colour that’s used in all the animations. How hard would it be to change?”

“It’s impossible.”

“Well can you change it?”

“Can you give me a list of which of the 88 elements you plan to use so I can focus on those?”

“Well we don’t know what we’re going to need until the day of.”

Cue spending a frantic 24 hours attempting to crank out as many of them as I possibly could. I cut the times down, dropped the resolutions left, right and center, but somehow I managed to push out all 88.

The big night arrives.

They used four of them.