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Worst. QA Manager. Ever.

So I was hired as a night shift QA tester at a company a few years ago and we had a night shift manager (let’s call him Tim) was pretty much the worst manager ever. Here are some of the things he did:

- When I started, Tim was the one who trained me up on how to write and enter bugs into the system. He was a pedantic asshole who constantly checked every bug that went in for spelling and grammar mistakes, which is fair enough, but he would go further to embarrass the person who made the mistakes in front of the team. The funny thing was, he was a complete country bogan and he kept using the word (if you could call it that) “youse” as in “youse guys better do this right.”

- We once had a test machine which red ringed which was taken taken away to get repaired which meant that the person who usually used that machine couldn’t do any work. My colleague that usually used that machine just tested on a different console and game. When the producer came in and asked why there was a lack of bugs from my colleague, Tim basically pushed him out in front of a bus and told the producer that my colleague did testing on another game that he wasn’t told to do for a week. My colleague was one of the few who got let go a couple of weeks later

- A job opportunity came up within the company for an Asset Manager position. Basically everyone in nightshift applied. Tim basically told everyone to give up because he would bad mouth all of us so that he would get the job. We applied anyway, found out he got the job, then found out that he really did give us all bad reviews when our review process came up. Oh also, Tim never got a review in the 3 years he was there when everyone else had one every year.

- Let me paint you the scene. Crunch time. 4th consecutive weekend working. Saturday morning 9:00PM (we had finished our last shift earlier at 2:00PM). The usual slug at the start of the day, regressions, regressions and more regressions. Everyone already thought it was weird that it was the 2IC who opened the doors for us to start work. Tim strolls in at lunch time, telling us all that he was horribly hung over. First thing he tells us to do is to go to lunch. When we get back, he’s nowhere to be found. Turns out he told the 2IC that he would be in his car sleeping off his hangover. By that point we were all pretty pissed off.

Later that afternoon, the CEO of the company stops by to thank us all for working so hard (the CEO was a pretty nice dude) and notices that Tim is missing from the room. He asks where he is and before anyone can respond the 2IC covers for him instantly. CEO thanks us all again and then leaves. WTF’s all round.

At the end of the day: Fuck you Tim you wanker.

But to everyone else on that night shift team you guys were awesome and it was great working with you all. If it wasn’t for “youse” guys I’m sure one of us would have stabbed Tim repeatedly with a blunt spoon and buried him under the building.