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Yo Mama so Tedious

As a systems admin, I’ve had to do my share of testing, but nothing compared to when I was first starting in the field.

My cousin ran a QA firm in the west coast and often would call me up for little projects he needed an extra hand with, especially during the crunch. It was good contract work but I always knew it meant no sleep and no soul. The first job was on the website for that awful ‘Yo Mama’ show that MTV used to run. They made this e-card sender where you could upload a picture of your face, enter your friend’s name, pick some details, and a little animated version of you would tell crappy jokes about your soon to be ex-friend.

This was fine, except for the fact that we had a list of hundreds of names, spoken by male and female, and over a hundred jokes in three categories. Picked at random. This led to thousands of tests to check everything off the list. The hours began.

It started fine, It was even a little funny as we IM’d the most awful jokes back and forth, but then my cousin had to shift to another project. I was left alone with a pot of coffee, a million bad jokes, and a buggy flash interface. I finally wrapped up at about 7 AM the next day as the sun came up, I laid down on my bed and dreamed of punching the host repeatedly, but at least the site could launch and I got paid.

The TV show was canceled two weeks later. I still cry.