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You People

One Saturday a friend invites me to tag along to a board game day she goes to. I walk into the house and immediately recognize one of my company’s programmers so I give him a friendly ‘Hello!’ He pretty much ignores me. Fine, whatever. Later in the afternoon he notices that the hoodie I’m wearing bears our company’s logo and aggressively demands of me “Where’d you get that?”

“Umm, I work there.”

He narrows his eyes and searches my face as if he’ll catch me in a lie. “Well, I don’t know you.”

I tell him my name and add, “We’re on the same project; I work in QA…” sure that will ring a bell.

“Oh!” He looks relieved, as if he’s solved some riddle. “I don’t bother getting to know any of you people.”


QA is just as vital to the game development process as the programmers, designers, and producers. I go out of my way to try and be polite and professional because my job is, essentially, to tell people that they fucked something up. I work the same hellacious hours at crunch time and do it for far less money and no benefits, might I add. All I ask in return is to be treated as an equal, as a coworker, not as if my department is nothing more than a nameless bunch of automatons.

As a note, most of the devs I’ve worked with are awesome but there’s a reason that the stereotype exists of the negitive Dev-QA relations.